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We constantly strive to bring you world-class coaching, programming and guidance in all aspects of strength and conditioning; health and wellness. In the next phase of our growth we would like to introduce a new program, Jääkarhu Weightlifting, led by Coach Ricky Redus. Below you can find information on class times, pricing and barbell club hours.

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Program Description

The goal of this program is to teach all aspects of weightlifting to those in CrossFit classes and those who enjoy weightlifting as standalone training. From the basics of stance, grip and setup to the more advanced principles and concepts of weightlifting, students will be guided on a clear and consistent path towards a greater understanding of lifting, strength and movement.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone and everyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of weightlifting, their strength and their proficiency in the lifts. Current members of CrossFit Jääkarhu can use it as a supplement to their CrossFit programming, while non-members can either use it as a supplement or as a stand-alone strength and lifting program. Beginner, novice, intermediate and advanced athletes will all be able to learn and grow in the program.

What can you expect?

When you join the Jääkarhu Weightlifting, you will receive expert instruction from one of the best weightlifters in the nation. Coach Redus has an amazing eye for detail and a proven program that will teach you how to move, lift and increase your speed and strength. Coach Redus has been lifting and coaching for over 3 years, and is a 3-time national-level USA Weightlifting competitor. He was part of the 2014 Texas Barbell men’s national championship weightlifting team, and he placed 5th in the 94 kg weight class at the 2014 American Open. Ricky is a USAW Level 1 coach and has coached one athlete to a national-level meet. His best snatch is 137 kg/301 lbs., and his best clean and jerk is 175 kg/385 lb.

Weightlifting Program Pricing 

One time per week: $60 standalone / $40 if enrolled in core CrossFit programs (Fitness, Sport)

Two times per week: $125 standalone / $75 if enrolled in core CrossFit programs

Three times per week: $170 standalone / $100 if enrolled in core CrossFit programs

Four times per week: $250 standalone / $175 if enrolled in core CrossFit programs*

Location: CrossFit Jääkarhu

*There a $2 convenience fee for credit/debit card transactions

How can you sign up?

Newbie: If you are new and interested in joining the Jääkarhu Weightlifting Program, don’t hesitate to email us.

Current Member: If you are enrolled in a CrossFit class and would like to add the weightlifting program to your schedule, please email us to have your account updated.

If you have any questions or need direction on how to sign up, please e-mail info@karhustrength.com.

Karhu Barbell Club

On Fridays and Sundays, barbell club hours are available for weightlifting-specific training. Athletes will have a window to come in and train at their pace, with a prescribed lifting session writing on the board. This club is complimentary for athletes training in the Jääkarhu Weightlifting program. This club is also open to those who would like to drop-in.

Barbell Club Hours:

  • Friday from 5-7 pm and
  • Sunday from 9 a.m. to Noon


If you have questions, contact us at info@karhustrength.com

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