An Unpaved Road

Success: It is not a paved road with well-lit signs and directions. Deciding to go after what you want often begins the most challenging times of your life. Struggle and frustration move in as your new neighbors and the mailman seems to bring you envelopes full of stress, daily. There are moments where you look around and feel like nothing is perfect and it all was a big mistake … but something you can’t explain nudges you forward, so you continue. In good faith, you plant seeds of confidence and trust along the way—a sign of belief that you can make it. Through tears and tough times, you continue to fight—nothing can stop you because your determination is tangible and fears are fictitious. Then, when you least expect it, you break through. Muddy, tired and beat up, you arrive at your goal. Taking a breath, you turn look back on the journey and are perplexed to find your perspective has changed. Instead of struggle and strife, you look back and see a path riddled with beauty. You see the beauty in some of your toughest times. Determination has propelled your perspective to see the seeds of trust and confidence took root, grew and now present to you their reward. A successful bloom so beautiful—it pays the debt of stress and evokes an irresistible smile.

In workouts and in life, see the road ahead, smile and push forward. Know that you’ll get there. Trust. You are just a moment away from your bloom.


Written by Johnathan Haynes

Photo by Caleb Kerr

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  1. Johnathan this spoke to me like you wouldn’t believe today!!!! Thank you so much for your posts, you never know how they might bless someone and this one really blessed me today!

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