Toes to Bar Progressions

Coach Kati Breazeal takes you through progressions to learn the kipping toes to bar.

“There are a million ways to perform the Toes to Bar, here’s my 2 cents:

The two most important components: Lat engagement and moving through a full range of motion.

1) LAT ENGAGEMENT: As you swing back into your hollow position, you need to engage the lats, closing the shoulder angle, which will pull your hips closer to the bar. As you reach the peak of your lat pull-down, engage your hip flexors to pull your legs up, tapping the bar with your toes.

**The bigger the lat pull-down = the closer your hips to the bar = the easier it is to tap your toes to the bar.

2) FULL RANGE OF MOTION: When you take advantage of your kip swing, you’re relying less on your muscles to do all the work, which prolongs fatigue (specifically on the hip flexors and core). In order to take advantage of your kip, you need to move through a full range of motion in your hollow and arch positions, which increases momentum, and allows you to generate power for the kip, so you can rely more on the “pop” of your swing, rather than fully relying on muscle usage.

**A bigger range of motion = a bigger the kip = more momentum = more power generated = prolonged muscle fatigue. ”

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