How To: Wearing Grips Correctly

Are you wearing your grips correctly?

Former collegiate gymnast Kati Breazeal demonstrates how to properly use your grips.

“I’m not a fan of CrossFit grips, but there comes a time when you have to wear them in the interest of hand protection. There are a few important tips to know when wearing grips:

1. Your grips should be long enough that you can fully extend your hand when they’re on, with even a little excess material at the top. This excess material will become your grip’s fold.
2. The fold acts like a lock, that helps you hang on the bar without expending as much forearm energy (it’s very similar to using straps for barbell movements). It’s not a miracle worker by any means, but it helps.
3. Make sure the fold of your grips is directly under your fingers.
4. As you fatigue, the tension from your grips will help sustain your hand’s grip on the bar.

Note: So far, I’ve hated all CrossFit grips, so I make my own out of athletic tape. But, the same rule of grips applies to any type of material you use.”

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