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It’s OK to be Nervous

Joining a gym can sometimes be intimidating. Here are answers to common questions we see when people first start CrossFit.

There are two ways to get started at the gym.

  • Complimentary Trial Class: Review our available programs and register to try a class. We can explain what CrossFit is for hours but there is no better explanation that trying it yourself.

Our coaches are trained to asses your ability and movement patterns to best scale the workout of the day to meet you where you are.

This scalability allows athletes to safely experience our environment, training and get a glimpse of our culture.

  • Schedule a Consultation: Some individuals like to meet with one of our coaches before giving classes a try. We welcome this and are happy to schedule a meeting to answer questions or discuss pre-existing circumstances

If you would like a consultation, email us here.

No, CrossFit is completely scaleable. Which allows us to meet you where you and help you move down the path to where you want to go. Any workout available at the gym can be adjusted to allow you to complete movements at your intensity level, allowing you the opportunity to get a good workout in.

We have a variety of goal-based programs designed to group together like-minded individuals and provide them results. You can find more on that here.

  1. Make sure you’ve eaten good food during the day.
  2. Hydrate (Drink to thirst)
  3. Bring a Water Bottle with you
  4. Listen to your coach, enjoy your workout.

You will likely be sore in the following days, so be sure to stretch, hydrate and eat good food following your first workout.

Below are some quick insights into each program and what type of athletes are in them.

Fitness Program: Geared towards athletes focused on getting and staying in shape. Goals range from losing weight, gaining muscle, dancing to another program or just enjoying good workouts with friends. Complimentary trials and Drop-ins are welcome.  

Sport Program: An advanced program for athletes who have been doing CrossFit for a while and would like to focus on barbell and gymnastic work, while still conditioning. Complimentary trials and Drop-ins are welcome.  

Competition Program: For athletes interested in competition in the sport of fitness and able to commit to the program. Email us you are interested in this program.

Jääkarhu Weightlifting: A technique-based program designed to get athletes comfortable with a barbell and then help them develop strength using olympic movements. This program is led by Ricky Redus a National level Weightlifter.

Email us if you’re interest in this program. 

We have more information on each program here, if you would like.

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