Jessica Estrada Online programming for Gymnastics

Gymnastics Online Programming with Jessica Estrada

We are excited to announce that Coach Jessica Estrada now offers video analysis and gymnastics online programming tracks to athletes who would like to improve their gymnastic ability, but can’t make it to CrossFit Jääkarhu.

Video Analysis

Need help with your muscle-ups, pull-ups, toes to bar, double-unders or any other gymnastic movement? Record a video of your movement(s) and send them to Coach Jessica for to receive comprehensive analysis and instruction on how to improve or correct your movement pattern.

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Online Gymnastics Programming

Would you like individualized gymnastics programming? Coach Jessica is here to help. Purchase online programming package to receive 15-30 minute sessions or 45-60 minute workouts to help you improve you gymnastics ability for CrossFit.

These packages can be tailored to meet the needs of beginners who need to develop a gymnastics base, experienced athletes.

The first week will be initial testing on movements so that Jessica can assess where you are and what your strengths and weakness’ are. This package includes video analysis for evaluation. Once Jessica has an idea of where you are, she will provide individualized programming accordingly.  

We will re-evaluate where you are every 4-6 weeks.

  • $125 for 3 sessions a week (15-30 mins) 
  • $200 for 5 sessions a week (15-30 mins) 
  • $250 for 3 sessions a week full gymnastics programming (45-60 mins)

This is a monthly recurring plan that can be canceled at any time. Prorating is available if you would like to start in the middle of the month.

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Contact Jessica if you have questions. 

About Jessica

Coach Jessica Estrada has more than 16 years of gymnastics coaching experience, the last six of those years have been devoted to working with CrossFit athletes to improve their gymnastic ability and overall fitness. She has competed on two affiliate teams that qualified for the CrossFit Games and specializes in being able to improve the ability and efficiency of beginners and elite athletes alike.

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