Front Squat + Jerk

Weightlifting Coach Ricky Redus recommends training the Front Squat + Jerk in order to strengthen and increase stamina in your legs, so as to improve your max clean and jerk.

Using a rack, assume a full grip on the bar and sustain it for the entire set. Perform two mechanically correct front squats, catch your breath, and follow with two jerks. Practicing these movements together will result in more strength and comfortability in the front rack, while focusing your energy on fatiguing the legs (and only the legs), preparing you for an easier clean down the road.

Focus on a vertical midline and engaged core through the squats. Some athletes struggle with catching the bar on their fingertips when receiving the clean, so training the Front Squat + Jerk combination from a rack, with a full grip, will eliminate the shuffling of hand realignment before the jerk, allowing you to narrow the focus to strengthening the squat and jerk positions.

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