Han Woo Pak — Athlete of the Month

Welcome to February!

This month we are going to begin the CrossFit Jääkarhu Athlete of the Month program. One athlete will be selected each month to be celebrated for their hard work in the gym.

Congratulations to Han Woo Pak, the first A.O.M at CrossFit Jääkarhu. Han Woo is a part of Coach Michael Winchester’s 6 p.m. competitors program. Han Woo shows up early and consistently trains hard.

When Han Woo arrived, he could only snatch 165 lb., but he showed up early before each class to work on auxiliary movements and Olympic lifts. Back in December completed a 200-lb. snatch for a lifetime PR.

If you see Han Woo in the gym this month, be sure to congratulate him.

Get to Know Han Woo

Han Woo Pak Feb Athlete of the Month (3)

Age: 26

Hometown: Daejeon city, South Korea

Occupation: Korea: University student / US: ESL student

Favorite Things

Favorite lift: Snatch. I like the feeling when I succeed at the lift

Favorite CrossFit workout: I like Bar and Ring Muscle-ups. When I go up (that) high, it is exciting.

Favorite American Food: I like steak, bacon, and milk shake

Favorite TV Show: NBA, UFC

Favorite Quote: “Do your Dream”


The most embarrassing moment in your life: Second failed Entrance exam of University. Finally I (achieved) my goal but it was late two years than other friends.

Proudest moment in your life: When I finished Military for duty about my country. I worked in Korea NAVY SEAL (UDT-SEAL) for two years.

Why do you CrossFit? : CrossFit is my present and future. I really enjoy training and like everything in CrossFit. I’m happy when I do CrossFit. Also, I want to be a great Athlete in CrossFit. It is my dream.

Do you have a personal motto  What is it? My motto is “Steadiness makes Greatness.” I believe this strongly. It makes motivation in my life, and I experienced many things through this motto.

What is one fun fact about you that someone would have to ask you directly to find out? I’m crazy about watching romantic movies such as Love Actually and About Time.


Photos by Caleb Kerr

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