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CrossFit Jääkarhu welcomes drop-ins, but we ask that you let us know that you’re coming.

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Our programs are broken up based on goals. When it comes to CrossFit, we have two programs to choose from: The Sport and Fitness Program.

Fitness is a core CrossFit program focused on getting in shape and staying shape. The workouts are constantly varied, the programming is suitable for newer athletes while still providing a challenge for veterans.

Sport is another core CrossFit program that introduces advanced barbell and gymnastics movements into the training session. If you have double unders, pull-ups and are comfortable being upside down, give this class a shot.

We also have a weightlifting program led by Coach Ricky Redus, if you’re interested in just lifting.

If you’re interested in buying a t-shirt in exchange for your drop-in, skip the online sign up process and shoot us an email to give us a heads up.

Reserve a Drop in
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As an Austin native, my life has always revolved around competitive sports, CrossFit being no exception. As a part of CrossFit Jääkarhu, my intention is to bring awareness and harmony to our athletes and their audience.

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